Friday, September 30, 2011

My 28 wks check up...

My appointment is 8am today but I left the clinic at 10am...because today really good day that lots of 'delivery' doctor very busy til did not take baby photo for me , after only save a photo shown baby back bones..sob sob.

Doctor told me that everything fine and i have to come for check up every 2 weeks started next month..yahoooo i can see baby more frequent but poor hubby need to pay the BILL loh...

Mama weight : 61kg
Baby weight : 1.3kg


  1. hi Grace..I still hv 83 days to go..will be due around December.

    Thanks Violet for drop by.....keep in touch ya.

    Thanks winnie..u are right 健康就好!!!!

  2. Hi,Nat! I'm first time step in your beautiful castle.
    Congratulation to you because of 3rd time become mama again,yeah!

  3. 費用就別管這麼多了。。健康最好!

  4. Thanks 虎妈☆小冬瓜...Thanks for yr drop by.Keep in touch ya...

    Thanks J Sky.....
    健康最好!tht wht i pray for everyday..