Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dear In Our Heart Forever.........12-10-2009

'Ah Kong'(Grandpa) we miss you......

Amanda : MaMa why can't we call 'Cor Cor' (Great Grandpa) phone in Heaven.

Me : Sob...errr cannot

Amanda : Why?...i miss his voice

Amanda : Can 'cor cor' come back?

Me : Cannot

Amanda : Why ?

Another conversation between me and Amanda that really melted my heart when we visit 'cor cor ' in Nursing Home. She called that Daycare like her kindy. Both of them dislike Daycare in kindy. Like all kids they wish to go home after school.

Amanda : MaMa, when you are old I will not place you in 'Daycare'.

Me : Why?

Amanda : Very Kesian(Pity)

Me : But you need to work and nobody can take care MaMa that time.

Amanda : I will 'buy' one Kakak(Maid) to take care of you. OK.

Me: Oh ..it's really melted me. So sweet of her.

They follow me stay in Daycare when I need to work previously. Because of my kids I give up work in daycare. They deserved to have their carefree childhood.

Amanda asked me thousand of why when she miss her 'cor cor' (slap forehead)

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