Monday, October 12, 2009

"Nursery Home' for old age

We went to Penang happilly but back sadly. We went to visit my paternal grandfather who are 100 years old and just being place to 'Nursing Care Home'last week. He dislike that place and keep asking us to bring him out from there. He hold my hand and I really cry wish to bring him out but I unable to take care him alone with 2 kids and job on hand. I told him secretly that I will try to do arrangement to move together with me to KL and take a maid.He noted and said OK. He told me that he will pass away very soon and I ask him why with tears again. He just told me that everybody will go through that when you get old. When I update this half way around 5.00pm in the afternoon, I received a call from my cousin that Grandpa stop breathing and passed away peacefully. I miss him lotsss but in the other hand I also do no want him to suffer. I am glad that he go peacefully. Amitabha.

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