Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My stories.....after long silence

I miss my blog very much....I got tons of my princess stories to write but I can't. I'm not writing for about one and the half month. I been VERY, VERY sick in term of physically and mentally. My body and my mind cannot coordinate. What I wish to do or need to do cannot be done. When I really sick, I can't even talk...no energy at all and feel like die because very very difficult..cannot breath, cannot eat, cannot drink, there always something stuck in the chest that make me feel very uncomfortable and vomiting feeling always there at least 15 hours per day..any smells can kill me...smoking smell will be the worst(so I really hate smoker in the coffee shop at that time), perfume,powder, tooth paste, body shampoo and lots more.

How I'm going thru all this with a family to take care, my household, my kids and loving hubby. No friends, relatives to help.
FOOD - No food catering in Sabah like West Malaysia, so almost everyday 'ta pau' till my poor kids surrender because they not really use to the food in Sabah yet and me too.

HOUSEHOLD - My house in the mess at the beginning,floor not sweep and mop,wash room to be clean,dishes unwashed, clothes wash but still in washing machine, clothes not iron, and lotsssss...finally hubby help me to get a part time maid who come once a week to lighten me in housework.

KIDS - My poor kids really know their MaMa is very sick, their try their very best to do lots of things by their own but anyway they are only kids who are 7 and 8 years old. In the first few week, their really suffer...skin and hair problem...this might be the body shampoo are not clean and their long hair need help to clean. Please imagine............

HUBBY - My poor hubby everyday after work have to clean dishes, prepare dinner, guide the kids homework, prepare the kids to bed, boil water, iron his own office wear...at the end he overload and sick at once a week and still go to work. Every night, he will encourage me with a big hug and kiss and say ..'JIA YU...I love you' before go to bed even he is very tired.

Our life really in mess....I pray that I can back to normal soon. I got lots of stories to write down here....