Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Due to I only work hallf day so I will fetch my two little princesses daily after school. 治安真的是太坏了

Today I got some matter so I have to reach Princess Brenda earlier to settle so I able to park my car at so call VIP lot(near to the school gate)黄金泊车位置.I knew the will be lots of car park beside(block) me. No choice. So after the office matter as usual I fetch my princess and ready the move the car but been block by another car, I saw she bring a kids in the car and still chat there with other 'siu nai nai' so I just ask in a very polite way."exuce me, can you move your car please" you know how she answer "Next time if you want to go off fast then don't come so early to park the car inside and I still have two more kids to wait."...WHAT IS THIS ?? 火冒三丈;怒发冲冠;杀气腾腾OK I don't want to be like her ###... and I told her nicely that. "I need to come here early today because got office matter.'She also get shock because she knew that she is rude and unreasonable and thought that I going to 'hentam' her back but I did not.

She work in a After school centre and I don't know who are the few unluckily parents that send their children there with this kind of personality 'teacher'. Good luck!

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