Friday, November 19, 2010

Very Sick

I am not well recently, very sick in physically and mentally. Feel like dieing....

I cannot do anything ....make me feel more frustrating. Cannot enjoy wonderful playing session with my two princesses, CANNOT eat, drink, sleep, breath,talk,walk, move.......cannot do housework (my house in the mess).Can you imagine I can't even pick up a piece of paper that drop on the floor. I just pray hard , hope that this will over very, very soon.


  1. Huh, what is wrong with you? Sounded very very sick, very serious though!

    Wish you speedy recovery!! Take care and see you soon!

  2. Pregnant? Wished that I could say "congrats" instead of "get well soon". :)

  3. Thanks everybody.It's a nightmare , really horrible nightmare in my life for me. It's over but unforgetable.....

    I am ok now. Will be very, very careful on my health.(Mental & Physical)