Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011- 开学啦!Back to school.....

This will be backdated blog.....busy, busy lo...til their Grandma email from London wish to see her granddaughter photo in uniform. Sorry Mom..

Amituofo...my girls enjoy their school life just difficult to wake up in the morning.Very rush in the morning even we left house around 6.15am due to heavy traffic jam, normally 15 minutes journey til 45 minutes also cannot reach school. Today my girl get a late chop from Prefect...Grrrrr....even they already in the school and during half way they walk with heavy school bag around 10 to 15 kg from the long corridor from canteen to their classroom the bell rang. I don't know about that till my girls told during recess time.Immediately I go and seek advise from their discipline teacher on 'late' definition, luckily this nice and patient teacher explain very nice told me that if when the bell rang, the student still in the car means consider late. I took the opportunity to explain the situation of my girls this morning, she understand and promise to do amendment on the 'late' attendance record book. My girls school very strict on attendance.

Brenda able to get know few friends in her new class, they been separated in elite and normal class based on they standard one result. During rest time she will be with her best friend Vanessa(old classmate).


  1. Wow, left home at 6.15am? What time they woke up then? Gosh!!

  2. 5.4oam loh....kesian them. I feel like move to housing area near the school but no choice ..our accomodation provide by company unless use own pocket money loh.