Friday, January 24, 2014

Chilly weather ...sweet dream without air cond.

Due to the snow-cold wind from China-Russia.In Sabah due to continue raining cat n dog day n night....we can feel the chilly weather....ohhhh i love it other than the only problem our clothes need few days to dry indoor and smell not so nice compare under sun.

Yesterday...this is the first night that our whole family sleep sweet n sound without air -cond with blanket n my boy even with socks because he don like blanket.We all cover with thick blanket loh..Other than no electricity  in Sabah.(very common here..hihi)

How nice if everyday like tht ..i can fetch my girls and stay in without on air fuel. Save electricity for household like fan, air cond.  and even water heater we no need to shower so many times sweating at all.

Hope that this weather can continue during chinese new year......


  1. My area here also chilly. So nice. No rain yet very windy especially at night