Thursday, March 20, 2014

Home schooling...Ryan

Believe or not ....till today i still cannot find 'suitable' kindy for my poor boy, even i plan only send him by age 4. I'm been looking around off and on now...
1) Kindy C - most local parents will send their kids to this kindy by age 5 and this kindy very similar with primary school. They normally will send their kids to kindy  as early as 2 or 3 to types of kindy only have classes til age 4 then continue in Kindy C...Just image it just similar like kindy thirty years ago..using very traditional way like primary school. Parents here give grade A, just chat with one of the parent from west malaysia too said not satified.
2) Kindy Q - Which hv branches in West Malaysia but ....really still a gap. Going to view another branch..hopefully better .
3) Kindly J - not yet view but the only orientation, parents no allow to stay a minutes even first day.
So this fussy mummuy end up temporary home schooling lo....thank lots to Ms Gan my ex boss cum principal provide me with updated training materials and guide.
Cannot find good phonics, kiddo science, bla bla bla here...


  1. 问那些幼稚园...可以试課吗?

  2. Thanks cute mum...i just get one can try class with about rm 20 to 30 per class. Plan to let him try later .

  3. Thanks for visiting and commenting my blog. You can try out the products for your kids' rashes. It works for my baby. :)

    Good luck with finding kinddy for your boy.