Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Grade 3 RAD exam

My 2 sweeties will be sitting for their RAD ballet exam today. After this exam they will be ahead to grade 4...time really flies, still remember their first day in ballet class with pink leotard. All the best sweeties.jia you!
I am outside the exam hall now for Amanda and will post my Brenda photo later because her session at noon.


  1. Bet your girls did well in the exam. My girl's ballet school also have those black colour skirts. Looks like it is standard. haha

  2. Thks. Same go to yr kid.....

  3. Hi Nat, came by to read your posts. Your girl look sexy hehe..I thought ballerinas supposed to be in those tutu skirts. :)

    I have stopped blogging for some time now. No time to blog. I'm more on FB now.