Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Princess Orientation Day

Today, all of us wake up around 6am and Brenda tell me that why still nite time she has to go to school. Hubby drive us there and have to go to work due to month end cum year end. I reach there quite early and 'blur blur ' don know that have to take number when class teacher reach around 7.45am and inform then only i take number no27 of 42. There will be 42 children in the class.

oh...Princess Brenda been 'buli' in the first day in the orientation hall. There is a girl twisted my little princess hand for no reason and make her cry in pain. I know about it after she told me after orientation program. Ohhh..really 'sam tong'and worry about her.

The books and misc. fees cost me RM 310++. This is the different between SRJK and SK..ha ha

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  1. What's SRJK and SK?

    I was all the while under the impression that schools in Malaysia provides free books.. :P Couple of years back when my son started P1, i remember MIL telling hb that my nieces and nephews gets free text books from school, and how come in Singapore we still need to fork out $200+ every year on books..