Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Busy..busy ...lazy ..lazy plus tired 忙 、 茫 、 盲 。 。 。

I am neglecting this blog for quite some time. I do have plenty of back back dated stories about the girls to share but I am busy, busy, lazy plus tired.

I wake up 6.00am every morning ...
6.30am wake Brenda up and prepare her to school
6.45am Drive Brenda to school
7.10am Reach school
7.35am Reach my kindy
7.45am start work
12.30pm Go to fetch Brenda with Amanda
1.35pm Brenda school end
2.00pm Reach home
2.10pm Bath the kids prepare lunch or 'ta pau'
3.00pm Let the kids have afternoon nap
310pm Washing and cleaning
3.45pm Rest
4.00pm Wake the kids up
4.30pm let them watch half an hour cartoon while i can check my mail.
5.00pm homework time
6.00pm bath time
6.30pm Prepare dinner
7.30pm Dinner time
8.00pm Cleaning and prepare the kids n my clothes for tomorrow
8.30pm Revision n reading session for kids
9.00pm Kids chat with dad and i will do preparation for teaching material.
9.30pm Prepare milk and ready the kids to bed.
10.00pm Bedtime for kids n I am 'half dead'
11.00pm Cntinue with some work sometime
Thank hubby for help me in lots of housework.

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