Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our Raya Trip.....Mountain Kinabalu

Our 2 days 1 nite trip in Mountain is really nice and great view. Amazing!!!!! I am not good in story writing so share with photos.

Excellence view from our chalet...behind us was mountain Kinabalu.
(It's around princess Brenda still in dream land)

Hubby with princess Amanda

Public Bath Tub in Hot is free and you can enjoy bath tub with hot spring water.

Hot Spring's really hot with smoke coming out.

Entrance of Hot Spring Area

Outside our chalet are full of nice flowers.

National Park Entrance.

Inside National Park.

It is suppose be Mountain Kinabalu behind us.. is really cold.

(I try to upload more photos but...technical problem...will try to update more...TO BE CONTINUE)


  1. Wow, wish I can go there 1 day! But kinda expensive to travel from W to East M'sia. Not very worth it. :))

  2. Thanks for drop by, if u wait for air asia got promotion very cheap only. Can consider..ha..ha

  3. Sorry Cherry for late reply...yup pine resort.