Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mount.Kinabalu -2nd trip (Part 4)

This is hubby favourate view cum photo. Photo taken from our hotel balcony too .....see we are above the clouds and sea of green as the eye can see...Wow !


  1. are you staying in Sabah right now?
    what other interesting places that would you recommend to travel with kids in Sabah?
    The Mount Kinabalu view looks great...makes me 心痒痒...hehe

  2. We been in Sabah since Mac 2010...consider quite new here. Understand tht lotsss of nice and amazing beach/seaside fr my hubby friends and they are planning to go over. Later will share thru blog.If u really come over, don worry i willing to share any info and assist tht i can, ok...Mount Kinabalu u MUST visit if u are here...amazing!