Friday, April 8, 2011

Long Silence....Long stories

(My poor Amanda hand in bandage with needle inside for 3 days...really pity her when in pain)

I did not update my blog for about two weeks. My little Amanda was very sick and almost hospitalise for operation. We all are so worried, sad and tired during this two weeks....with tears and sweats.

During the one week school holiday, my two sweeties was down with flu and cough so as
usual I bring them to Klinik Kesihatan and due to the doctor careless , she did not check their throat even they claim pain. She only give them flu medicine and a gargle medicine.Brenda recovered and Amanda too but off and on she told me that still ' pain pain' throat so I thought that due to the hot weather few day and continue with flu medicine for her and herbs too.

On 22nd March night, my little Amanda did claim that she has sore throat and her neck was pain.. I gave her paracetamol and flu medicine and told her will her to see doctor early morning but when she wake up on 23rd March morning, she was in high fever and her neck was so pain till she can't move her neck, I quickly rush her to clinic but after the antibiotic for 2 round (morning and afternoon) she still very pain with high fever. I knew something is wrong and Hubby quickly drives us to child specialist and the doctor said her lymph was swollen and change a stronger antibiotic for her. On the second day, my poor girl vomit badly and still very pain and fever still there. I quickly called doctor and again bring her back to that clinic. On the third day morning, I called the doctor and told him that my girl still in pain and again he ask us to bring back to clinic then I feel that is not right because every time bring we have to pay hundred over ringgit and my kids still in pain.

We quickly rush her to another doctor that recommend by my hubby friends. The doctor said he need to know what make her lymph swollen so need to rush to hospital for ultra scan and the report showed that her cervical lymphadenitis shows liquefaction. This doctor refer her to mouth, throat and ears specialist that need to give her antibiotic in jab every 8 hours, hope that the antibiotic works or else need operation. She suffer and cry badly due to the pain of neck and the needles make her cry till 3 days continually nightmare. My heart so pain and we even have to wake Amanda and Brenda up in 2am to sent Amanda for jab in hospital because we prefer she rest at home. Amituofo...after 6 rounds jab(3 days) and 5 days oral antibiotic she recovered.

On the 28th of March, she even sits for exam with needle in her hand and still on antibioctic. She pass her exam with flying colour with 3 papers 100, and 2 papers 99.(Amanda,Mama so proud of you) Her headmaster allow her to go home for rest when I send 'jie jie' to school and pass her MC to school. She told her Headmaster : 'May I try to sit for exam, please.'There are few studends who are not well too so the school will arrange that they will sit for exam then go home early once completed the papers.


  1. OMG, sounded serious to me! How's she now? Fully recovered??

  2. Yup...but body very heaty easily nose bleeding and her lip still very red . Hair drops due to the strong antibiotic. Using tradisional method using herb let her drink.Thanks J Sky.

  3. oh gosh... i hope she has recovered by now.. Take care and give her more liang teh.. :)

  4. Thanks Ling...ya lots of herb to cool down her body.