Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My State Less Ryan first passport photo.....

My little Ryan is 7 mths ++ now...I only able to update til 6 mths +++ Ah Ya...TOO BUSY N TIRED specially my girls just finished their third monthly test. A big DRoppp for my Amanda .. This is my Ryan first passport photo for him to enter n exit Sabah...poor state less boy , born in Sabah but cannot recognise as Sabahan due to both parents or either one not Sabahan. He can only call himself Malaysian but state less...IF i knew early I sure will fly back to Penang to deliver. Weight : 8.3kg Height : 71cm
6 mths ++++
Few days old Ryan photo Still sleep very little....ah yoooooo.sometimes only 1 hours nap PER DAY after wake up 7am and only sleep at around 9pm...night time still wake up every 2-3 hours for FUN n 1 feeding grrrrrr....hahaha


  1. Huh? Stateless? Then how to go about it now? Comes back Penang to reg?

  2. Cute picture.
    But that stateless thing is weird...

  3. J Sky...He will be stateless forever...I don think Penang will accept him because birth cert oredi issue in Sabah.

    Samm...Ya, very weird..what to do ?

  4. 时間好快...6个月了!

  5. how come state less....consider sabahan cos born there rite ? Msia boleh again ?!