Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Brenda and Amanda 2012 Enlish Story Competition in School

This year Brenda facing big drop in academic that really worried me ....last year her position in whole standard will be between 14 to 18 of 300+ but this year she is in 30 to 40 of 300+. Some paper she even drop til 75 to 77 marks. I really don know what to do ... Last week my 2 sweeties come back with sometime that cheer up situation , they both perform well in school English story competition. Brenda get 2nd place and Amanda get 1st place. I was unable to attend that session due to need to take care of little Ryan, but luckily will help one of the parent I able to view them thru video cam. WELL Done!


  1. 哇...很优秀呢!

  2. 其实现在的考试真的越来越难了,你的孩子念善导吗?呵呵!这是全沙巴最top的学校,当然考试也特别难。但是讲故事比赛拿得好成绩,妈咪也感到骄傲吧?

  3. Wao, that's amazing!
    Amanda is the big sis. right?

  4. Thanks cute mum....singing my girls did try too but no easy lo.....

    Ya..Grace ..they are in Shan Tao.
    because near to our house.Hahahha..proud la n happy too

    Samm..Amanda is Yi Qing the second punya. Brenda is Yi Rou (big jie jie)