Thursday, October 4, 2012

Our 9mths old little Ryan......

As usual....busy make me slow....Our little boy already 9mths old. Weight : 9.7kg Lenght : 75cm He can wave BYE BYE, CLAP HAND,ASK ANYBODY OR ANIMALS tht he likes to come by cute,He will understand when you ask him to tap us to sleep..hahaha, ONE MORE...yesterday night when we ask where is your ear,he able touch his ear..but when we ask other parts of body he also touch ear..hahahaha...except belly button. When ask him to SAYANG...he understand will use his head to near sweet. He loves dog,birds,chicks...all small animals that moving...he sure will wave ask his hands ask them to come. When his 'jie jie' try to disturb him by grab his toys ..he will scold with his baby language.... Started potty training...occationally he will pass poo poo there. LOVES finger use his little finger to take the food. Still crawl with tummy on floor....but able to stand without holding so far max.20second, able to step max 3 step without holding.Really hope he can walk SOON.

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