Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our Little Castle in SABAH(Part 1)

Talk about house moving it really SCARE ME....since 1999 til today, we been moving from house to house...state to state about 7 times.... Penang to Kedah then in Kedah from renting house to own house(twice) Kedah to Selangor.....Selangor to Sabah (3 times in Sabah) from company hostel 1 to hostel 2 then Our castle here. There was a REALLY SCARY inccident in hostel 1 that make us move house even I am in the mid of pregnant (which chinese normally 'pantang' moving house during pregnancy) My third floor apartment was visited by shown below...I dare not mentioned..This is third times happen in my life so far .
Day 1 It happen continuous 2 days and its really scare me...firt visit I am alone in house and it hid in my Planner Ring that I hold the Planner and flip it then realise that THING. I am around 5 mths pregnant. (around 20cm length) Day 2 Really part time maid who only came twice a month turn up to do cleaning. About 10 min later, she just very calm told me '' Missy, ada 'that thing' hanging in my girls bedroom curtain. OMG!!!! I told her to jaga and i will call BOMBA. This is big for me (around 25cm length and 2cm width). When i in 'kelam-kabut' with shivering hand wanna dial BOMBA. Again very calm she told me 'Missy, ini kecil-kecil punya..BOMBA mana datang, Missy sayan pun kampung lagi besar pun saya boleh beres. Jangan bimbang Missy, saya bereskan ada kayu atau batukah? ..My part time maid...Indonesian lady at mid of 50. I stay away with peeking and with fews sounds of "BANG BANG...PONG PONG...PANG PANG" She settle it. How can I sleep after that incident....I even dare not post in blog til today the feeling still there. Just pray ...Amituofo, Amituofo, Amituofo....


  1. Oh gosh! I heard recently my house's area also found such scary creeping creature..! Yooo...

  2. Oh no...REALLY scary lo...amituofo!

  3. 啊....誰去砍它...
    做么一直搬家? LG公司派的?

  4. choice...I don want to kill them but they come and scare me even i stay at third floor loh...move house due to 'cari makan'loh.