Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our Little Castle in Sabah...(Part 2)

Finally...after discussion with hubby and kids, we decide to settle down in Sabah with our own house if can, if possible...(hubby only 'ta kong chai')hahaha
Back dated post that we move in to this guarded non-gated three storey town house(ard Jun 2012). We decide on landed property because of spacious , car parking easier, kids need more space, I cannot and don want carry heavy things like kids school bag, grocery up and down staircase because with Ryan to be poor girls need to carry ard 15 kg school bag DAILY loh...(oh ya....MOST of Sabah apartment are without lift). This little castle has very strategic location 10-15min drive to kids school and hubby office. 5min drive to Airport, surrounded by shop houses and market.... I love this little castle with nice fresh air every morning because opposite my house there is a river. Amituofo....really thankful to have own house. Pray for no more house moving. Amituofo!