Tuesday, December 22, 2009

祝大家冬至快乐!Happy Winter Solstice Everyone !

Yesterday, I bought the glutinous rice flour to roll 'tang yuan'with my two little pricesses.We use strawberry for the red and spirulina for the green. he he really 'organic'. They love do that just like they are playing dough. (oppss forgot to snap photo due to in hurry for the praying ceremony). I put for 'thian kong', 'Kuan Yin' and 'Ti Cu Kong' and my kids use their KFC bowl to put for their 'cor cor' and put their hand together and said :'Cor Cor, eat 'tang yuan' ya'. We miss them a lots specially in this occasion. They sure will be very happy in the land of paradise when they see what this two little cutie great granddaughters did for them. Yours one big and two little 'bak poh's really misss u. My two little princesses miss 'cor cor' voices and keep asking for paradise telephone number. 'sweet heart' mama also hope that paradise have phone number. Remember 'cor cor 'voice will always in our heart. Both of them always play 'pretend' and act like 'cor cor' voice and tone in Hainannese talking with their 'cor cor' through the phone. I am glad that this is their way to put their loving 'cor cor 'voices in their heart and mind forever. I told my two princesses Chinese beliefs that today is also the day we grow a year older. Wow ...they eat faster ...

Without both of you, where will be 'me' today.

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