Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My princesses miss their classmates in 'Kampung'

Normally I will let my two princesses play freely outside the the house (car porch) in the evening. Let them be messy and will be bath time after this session. I introduce chalk that they can draw on the floor with they imagination.(last time, I love that). They love that too. I sit beside them and see what they going to draw and sometime I even involve..he he. They draw houses for they best friend that located walking distance from their own house. Amanda draw her friends Cornelia and Jing Jie house with a road path that link with her house....so cute. Brenda draw her friends Yi Thing and Yin Jin house that link with hers too. They draw lake with ducks, houses with garden and nice flowers along the path, houses with name and etc. End up it become a very nice housing area. I know, I know they really misss their classmates.

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