Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Place, New Life, New school, New JOB....

About a month in this town. Finally almost all important and urgent things to be settle all settled and a news to share about me - I'm going back to work as kindy teacher on January 2010 in a new kindy. Princess Brenda going to Primary 1 and finally Princess Amanda also confirm a place in kindy (of course same kindy with me. They are so excited to back to school with their uniform, school bag, tumbler,shoes ready. Due to hubby unable to get either time off or leave for this new job so it is going to be a busy 2010 schooling life for me. My schedule :-

31/12/2009 - Orientation day for Princess Amanda. (I will be there as teacher cum parent)will bring Princess Brenda along too.

2/1/2010 - Orientation Day for Princess Brenda. I going to drive to that school first time in this new place with two kids.We have to reach the school before 7.30am. (a bit 'kang cheong'(panic))start worry is going to traffic jam, where to find parking, try to memorise the road with my mind like GPS he he......

4/1/2010 - School first day. I plan to follow Princess Brenda to school for 2 days (I only manage to get 2 days leave) due to new environment for her and most important she got no friends there. She will be totally new there from "Kampung". I did told her my plan and told her Mama need to work on the third day and will fetch her daily after school. She such a good girl..just answer...: Don't worry Mama, I will be OK and repeat all my 'pesanan':-

Only Papa and Mama will come and fetch you. Do not follow anybody.

Stay inside the school while waiting for mama to fetch.

Do not believe anybody that tell you anything happen to Mama that unable to fetch you. Remember if mama cannot fetch you then Papa will be there.ok

Do not accept any food offer by anybody.

bla bla bla.........

Poor Princess Amanda will 'ponteng' school on first and second day to accompany me and Jie Jie.

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  1. Hi Nat, so sorry I didn't reply your comment on my blog earlier. Our modem was struck by lightning so no internet for 3 weeks! And also a lot of things happening.

    Looks like you found the school for your daughter already. And which kindy are you working at? Please email me at